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This application was created to handle the audit settings in multiple site collections. The application is managed from the app.config file. 


Key Value ex Explanation
Site http://site
The base URL of the web application. Multiple paths can be added separated by ; The application will iterate all site collections in the site.
AuditValueToAdd 8
To add more than one just add together the values.
For ex: To audit CheckIn, CheckOut events set AuditValueToAdd= 3. For a complete list of values se list below.
AuditLogRetentionTrim 30
Number of days until the Audit log is trimmed.
ClearAllExistingAuditSettings True/False
If set to true all existing audit settings are removed. If set to false then it keeps all existing audit values in the site collection.


Set to True to enable the trim of the audit log.


AuditLog values

All = -1,
None = 0,
CheckOut = 1,
CheckIn = 2,
View = 4,
Delete = 8,
Update = 16,
ProfileChange = 32,
ChildDelete = 64,
SchemaChange = 128,
SecurityChange = 256,
Undelete = 512,
Workflow = 1024,
Copy = 2048,
Move = 4096,
Search = 8192,



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